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Pace - (par-chay)

A place of peace and prayer

Pace is a contemplative community of peace and prayer

Inspired by the ancient tradition of Christian mysticism, Pace (par chay) is a contemplative spiritual community for all who seek a place of peace. We are both a physical and digital community seeking to accompany others as they explore the spiritual life.

Pace (par chay), Italian for ‘peace’, was the focus of the life and ministry of St Francis of Assisi. In conversation and correspondence, Francis’ favoured salutation was, “Pace e bene”, peace and all good. As a contemplative mystic, Francis sought to serve as an agent for peace, an itinerant teacher and friend to all. Pace (par chay) seeks to emulate his example. Each member of our community is a seeker, exploring the spiritual life through Spiritual Formation and the Pace (par chay) Virtues, Values and Vision.

Spirituality involves terms we don’t often use in every day life, so here’s a few definitions to get us started:

Mysticism: experiential spirituality.
Contemplation: to go deep in search of the divine.
Peace: wholeness, oneness, completeness.
Prayer: state of conscious union with the universal and our particular place in it.

The Pace (par chay) Tau signifies the oneness of all creation, the wholeness of God’s vision for a world reconciled by peace and prayer.

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